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Government Transparency and Collaboration

Working in concert with communities, benefit the City as a whole

I’ve spent a good portion of my life serving in various governance roles with organizations and agencies, many of which operated under federated models. I witnessed first hand under such models the potential negative impact that isolationism and protectionism can have on organizations as a whole. Municipalities are not that different in that each neighbourhood often perceives it’s needs, as greater than the next neighbourhood.

Like federated organizations, I want improve our City’s ability to look at the ‘bigger picture’ and make decisions which are for the greater good of the City as a whole. And that takes changes in behaviour and in the culture. I want to be a part of further refining responsibilities that benefit each community and those that, in concert with communities, benefit the City as a whole.

This takes educating communities and each other to understand and appreciate the long-term benefits of Council unanimity and solidarity. It also challenges all Councillors to embrace such a process; to learn about each consideration and assess the impact each potential decision will have on people today and down the road. It also means that we need to look at new, innovative and collaborative models for consultation with those that we serve.

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